Temporary delight!

9 Aug


My sadness has somewhat subsided today. By noon today I had already clocked in my 40 hours for the week. I took an extra long lunch (1.5 hours) and when I got back to the office my boss informed me that I could go home. Now this is good right? Who wants to stay at the office late on a Friday? I had mixed feeling about this because it just so happens that my office has some new software and OMG you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to start using a new software after using the old one for 7 years!! Not that I have a hard time with it, I’m the SUPERUSER! Sounds glamorous huh? NOT!! Being pulled for your own job to help others is hard. Not that I mind helping, it’s that my load doubles and I felt like I got nothing done this week. FRUSTRATED does not even describe my feelings. Anyway, home I went trying to be positive but on the ride home I thought of my very sad nonfunctional laptop.

I couldn’t deal with not having my laptop. It’s like breathing without lungs, I mean seriously without it I really don’t know what to do with myself. And believe me even with my Nook I’ve been sulking for the past 4 days. So I took a detour to Tigerdirect. Dell wasn’t helpful so what did I have to lose. 160 dollars later I placed an order for my replacement battery and AC adapter (charger). But I couldn’t just leave it be so I played around with the cord of the charger which is all twisted and bent. LOL it’s a wonder why this thing hasn’t broken on me sooner. And after 20 minutes “I saw the light!” Yup, it actually turned on and now I’m up and running again. This should last me until I get the replacement parts scheduled to arrive on Monday. So EXCITED!

Now I’m going to work on my reviews and maybe now I’ll be a bit more motivated to read so that I can share all my distractions with you! Fingers crossed I don’t mess up the charger before I get my hand on the new one!


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