Book Review – Clementine by R. Jean Wilson

18 Aug

Clementine by R. Jean Wilson


Book Description

Publication Date: July 27, 2013 by Kindle Direct Publishing

Recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content

Addison Caldwell has her future laid out before her. She has good friends, applications in the mail for PA school, and sweaty yoga to take the edge off of her lack of love life. Just when she finds herself right where she wants to be, Addison stumbles on a familiar stranger standing before her at a coffee shop. He’s beautiful and brilliant. She’s immediately drawn to him and can’t put her finger on how she could possibly have met him before. She finds herself tumbling head first toward a man that she knows is in a league composed solely of him and a bevy of Victoria Secret Supermodels…

“Wait,” he said, reaching out to touch her hand.
The second his hand reached hers, Addison felt a warmth spread through her body. The innocent contact stopped her mid-stand and she whipped her head down. His sturdy hand was barely resting on hers, and yet it was as if he had clenched it directly onto her heart. Holy. She pulled her hand back instinctively, confused by her body’s reaction to such an innocent touch. What the hell am I getting myself into?

My Review


First of all let me say that I was approached by the author to read this book. She thought I would enjoy it based on my previous book reviews and she wasn’t wrong!

Have you ever laid eyes on someone and got this eerie feeling that you knew them from somewhere? And there’s this pull off ‘em and you don’t know why? 

I loved it! This story was so realistic. I couldn’t help but like it and I totally saw myself as Addy.  Yes, of course it was in a “day dream!” 😉

Clementine is about a man and a woman who meet and yes they fall in love. It’s not your typical dating as everything seems too innocent. They hang out, talk all the time and though it’s clear they have “deeper” feelings for each other they don’t cross that very thin line.  The “relationship status” is unclear and the journey to figure it out was alluring!

I loved the characters, Wilson developed them perfectly. She doesn’t give you too little or too much information. Addison is a smart young lady who…I wouldn’t say has low self-esteem but she sure doesn’t give herself enough credit. But then again what girl in her twenty’s thinks she’s God’s gift to men? She is a student hoping to become a PA. Holden is a very bright, charming, sexy surgeon. With Addison he let’s loose and is so caring you can’t help but swoon.

Life or fate, if you believe in that sort of thing, has a funny way of playing out. Addy needs to leave for PA school and a misunderstanding tears them apart. In life one needs to take the good in with the bad and that is exactly what Wilson gave us. I especially enjoyed the fact that though Addy’s heart was broken she still tried to move on with her life.

I promise you that during the sad parts I felt the pain but boy did it pay off to get to the GOOD parts. 

My Favorite Line:

 “If souls are reincarnated Holden, you and I have lived a hundred lifetimes and maybe in everyone one, we’ve found our way to one another. You’re my one person; you’re my fate, Holden”

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About R. J. Wilson


Graphic Design Assistant by day. Author of NA & YA Fiction by night. I graduated from the University of Texas where I studied everything from Microbiology to Architecture & Society… So, yeah, I ended up with a lot of extra credits.

My quote to live by: Eat Cake for Breakfast.

I love taking my black lab Ollie to the hiking trail, exploring Austin, & baking gluten free treats.

Instagram: Imaginetherest
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