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Book Review – Little Joe by Michael E. Glasscock III

15 Sep

Little Joe by Michael E. Glasscock III

Little Joe

Book Description

Published: Greenleaf Book Group Press (June 1, 2013)
E-book copy provided by NetGalley

When Little Joe Stout survives the car accident that took his parents’ lives, he is sent to live with his maternal grandparents in the small town of Round Rock, Tennessee. Orphaned and missing his Texas home, Little Joe is reluctant to adapt. But his grandparents, especially his grandmother, are up to the challenge of raising him despite their own struggles. Soon, childhood friendships are forged in the oddball duo of Sugar and Bobby, and—with the help of a new canine companion—Little Joe begins to see that his new home offers the comfort and love he thought was lost forever.

Set against the drama of World War II and the first sparks of the civil rights movement, Little Joe’s new home is a microcosm of America in the 1940s. A frightening incident with a Chinese motorist traveling on the wrong side of town, the migration of troops across the countryside, and a frank discussion of Jim Crow laws are just a few of the local events mirroring the radio broadcasts that bring the news of the day into his grandmother’s kitchen.

Little Joe begins a four-part series from Michael E. Glasscock III that explores the intricate social cloth of Round Rock, Tennessee.

My Review


I am not one to read historical fiction but for some reason Little Joe caught my eye. The cover was inviting and the synopsis wasn’t bad, so I said what the heck and I gave it a try. I wasn’t completely disappointed as the book was good but it was also missing something.

This story is about a little boy names Joe he lives with his grandparents in Tennessee in the era of WWII. How he came to live with them was so terribly sad. And that’s what Glasscock  hits us with first, tragedy. This 9 year old boy lost his parents in a car accident and I felt nothing from the words I was reading, I was sad because I’m a human being.

This kid has to move to a new town and start all over and that happens from one day to the next. He was not allotted time to grieve. His grandparent though you can tell loved him were extremely strict and old fashioned. And though they like Joe lost someone, I didn’t feel any emotion from them either. This was hard to understand.

The good part of this story is the relationship Little Joe has with his two friends Sugar and Bobby. Those kids got themselves in to some situation and I found myself laughing.

In the end you know that the grandparents love him and meant well… they just have a different way of showing it.

Michael E. Glasscock III

About the Author

For the first eight years of his life Michael E. Glasscock III lived on his grandfather’s cattle ranch a few miles south of the small community of Utopia, Texas. At the beginning of World War II, he moved to a small town in Tennessee not unlike the mythical Round Rock portrayed in his fiction series. Michael decided to study medicine, and he graduated from the University of Tennessee Medical School at age twenty-four.

Nashville, Tennessee, was the site of his otology/neurotology practice, where he was associated with Vanderbilt University as a clinical professor, and where he continues to be part of the faculty as an adjunct professor. He retired from full-time clinical practice in 1997 and moved back to Texas where he continues to work as a consultant for three major medical device companies. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.





Book Review – The Annihilation of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski

14 Sep

The Annihilation of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski


Foreverland2  Foreverland1

First cover is I quote “bluuuuuuh” – Bertausky / Second cover was better


Newest cover is AWESOME!!!

Book Description

Publication Date: December 31, 2011
E-book copy provided by NetGalley
When kids awake on an island, they’re told there was an accident. Before they can go home, they will visit Foreverland, an alternate reality that will heal their minds.

Reed dreams of a girl that tells him to resist Foreverland. He doesn’t remember her name, but knows he once loved her. He’ll have to endure great suffering and trust his dream. And trust he’s not insane.

Danny Boy, the new arrival, meets Reed’s dream girl inside Foreverland. She’s stuck in the fantasy land that no kid can resist. Where every heart’s desire is satisfied. Why should anyone care how Foreverland works?

My Review


Would you take the needle?

Ok well let me jump in and start with the cover…looks like Bertauski made some changes from his original cover and what a change it was. The newest cover looks amazing. And to be honest the cover is the reason I requested this book off NetGalley!

I finished this book in 2 sittings. At first I wasn’t all that interested, I was confused about the past events that were being brought forward and how it related to the present. As I continued reading I was drawn in by the mystery of what “Foreverland” was! How, well more like WHY these boys ended up on and island and the about the man who created it all. Quite intriguing stuff!

This dystopian world was very different from others I’ve read like “The Dwellers Saga” by David Estes and “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. In those novels the world itself has had to start over but in this one they are unaware of anything past a vast ocean.

Bertauski paced this story well. Giving me the information I needed at all the right moments. Everything fell into place. I felt that in this story there wasn’t a need for a huge character development…HELLO they don’t know who they are! (That’s the only spoiler I’ll reveal, SORRY! I couldn’t help it!) Anyway in that aspect Bertauski did well, even without lowdown on the characters I loved them. (Reed, Danny Boy and Zin)

The progression of these three characters had me on the edge of my seat. Reed broke my heart. Danny Boy kept me hopeful and Zin was there for moral support! I like how these three boys stuck together to get themselves out of a horrible situation. And you might be asking yourself, what horrible situation? Well, I’m not going to spoil it for you!! LOL Oh and I can’t forget the character stuck in the Nowhere, the dream girl. She was the most interesting character of all.  Now on to the characters I didn’t like. The Director = the creator and boy was he creepy. Every “Investor” was bad news and they made me so mad, the bastards!

I’m all about emotions when it comes to my books. I have to feel what the characters are feeling and boy did I. There were times where I was scared, those boys were put in situations that I as an adult would not be able to handle. I felt sad and angry nothing good until the end where I was hopeful that all would end well.

You should grab your copy and see for yourself, the suspense will kill you!

I give it my stamp of approval!

Tony Bertauski

About the Author

via Goodreads

My grandpa never graduated high school. He retired from a steel mill in the mid-70s. He was uneducated, but he was a voracious reader. I remember going through his bookshelves of paperback sci-fi novels, smelling musty old paper, pulling Piers Anthony and Isaac Asimov off shelf and promising to bring them back. I was fascinated by robots that could think and act like people. What happened when they died?

I’ve written textbooks on landscape design, but that was straightforward, informational writing; the kind of stuff that helps most people get to sleep. I’ve also been writing a gardening column with a humorous slant. That takes a little more finesse, but still informational for the most part.

I’m a cynical reader. I demand the writer sweep me into his/her story and carry me to the end. I’d rather sail a boat than climb a mountain. That’s the sort of stuff I wanted to write, not the assigned reading we used to get in high school. I wanted to create stories that kept you up late.

Fiction, GOOD fiction, is hard to write. Having a story unfold inside your head is an experience different than reading. You connect with characters in a deeper, more meaningful way. You feel them, empathize with them, cheer for them and even mourn. The challenge is to get the reader to experience the same thing, even if it’s only a fraction of what the writer feels. Not so easy.

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Book Review – The Quiver of a Kiss: The Seduction of Helen of Troy by Sarah Daltry

18 Aug

The Quiver of a Kiss: The Seduction of Helen of Troy by Sarah Daltry

Helen of Troy

Book Description

Original Publication Date: April 3, 2013
E-book copy provided by NetGalley: Pub Date Jun 28 2013 by SDE Press, LLC

Recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content

This is the story you were never told about Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships. A bargaining chip for her father and brothers, Helen learned of seduction and lust but was denied love until one of her suitors, a young Odysseus, showed her a world she had always imagined. Despite her wishes, however, she is married to Menelaus and her fate is decided for her. That is until a young man from Troy named Paris ignites in her a desire she cannot control. Together, they will test the power of the gods and give in to passion that will lead them to be remembered throughout history.

My Review


We all know a bit of the legends. We are taught about these battles during our adolescence. I for one NEVER enjoyed my history classes, finding them to be boring. The language the texts were written in, were just not for me. In all honesty I would have preferred to watch a movie that tries to interpret the story the best they can. Take for instance Troy (2004) featuring Brad Pitt. Now that’s a history story I loved! LOL Now, give me Greek Mythology and you’ve got my attention.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading The Quiver of a Kiss and surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the way Daltry wrote this novella. The language was not boring. I felt myself wanting to know more about the reasons behind Helen and all the main characters decisions. The beliefs they had in the God’s. The way they treated and expected women to behave. It was all pretty barbaric in comparison to how we live in this day in age. Oh and let me not forget the steamy sex scenes, which only added more intrigue.

Even living in those times where women were nothing but trophy wives Helen was strong and gave herself on her own terms. And the decisions she made resulted in Trojan War. Years and years of fighting, death and sorrow all because one woman wanted the freedom to live and love who she wanted.

Amazingly written though even for a novella I left it was too short.

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About Sarah Daltry


Sarah Daltry writes erotica and romance that ranges from sweet to steamy. She moves around a lot and has trouble committing to things. Forget Me Not is her second full length novel, although she also has several story collections and two novellas available. Her other novel, Bitter Fruits, was available shortly, but is now in the contract phase with a major publisher.

Sarah has spent most of her life in school, from her BA and MA in English and writing to teaching both at the high school and college level. She also loves studying art history and really anything because learning is fun.

When Sarah isn’t writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking Facebook for pictures of cats, shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window.

Visit Sarah online at:

Website: http://sarahdaltry.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SarahDaltryErotica
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahDaltry
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/sarahdaltry/boards/
Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/sarahdaltry

Book Review – Charmed (Nether-Netherland #1) by Erica Ridley

4 Aug

Charmed (Nether-Netherland #1) by Erica Ridley


Book Description

Published December 20th 2012 by Intrepid Reads 
E-book source: NetGalley

Recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content

Prepare to be… Charmed!

Daisy le Fey is good at a lot of things. Math, science, accidentally turning people into pumpkins… Unfortunately, she’s not good at the one thing hiring managers look for when filling open positions for magical beings: Magic.

When she jeopardizes her apprenticeship by getting involved with sexy mortal Trevor Masterson, it’s one disaster too many. In order to stay out of purgatory, she’s going to have to ditch the human—and her one chance at true love

My Review



I enjoyed reading Charmed. It was a sweet, romantic and sexy story. Ridley writes extremely well and I did not find it hard to follow the story line.  The world she created for Daisy (tooth-fairy apprentice) and Trevor (human) was quite enjoyable. However, there were some parts that I found to be silly and unsuitable for the story line. Then again as I continued reading in all made sense, the main character Daisy le Fey is a true spirit. She is a bright spunky 27 year-old who is on a mission and someone who has the determination to get what she wants. And what is it that she wants? Respect! And in the process of gaining the respect of everyone in Nether-Netherland she finds her One True Love.

Everything seems to go wrong for Daisy and Trevor. They don’t know what they want. And in that one statement “they don’t know what they want” made this story that much better. Because who in “real life” knows what they want? No one, that’s who! And when do we realize that we want something? Yup you got it, when it’s gone! As in all love stories there are happy and sad parts and Ridley wrote them well. I was right there with all the character’s felling every emotion they felt  and those incidents/emotions are what made me want to finish the story that much faster. The need to find out if “love conquers” all was intense!

I recommend this book for those of you 18+ because though there are some silly parts there are also some heated parts where Daisy gets to know Trevor on a whole new level and vise verse. 😉

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was a charming read a perfect distraction to take you away from our world into that of the fantasy Nether-Netherland. It will bring a smile to your face, have you laughing and thinking that maybe, just maybe true love can exist.

Read an Excerpt!

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CHARMED is the first novel in the Nether-Netherland Trilogy. The second, CAPTIVATED, launches in December 2013. The third, BEDEVILED, comes out in 2014.Find out more about this wonderful author and her upcoming projects HERE!


2 Aug

It’s been an extremely long week. I’m on stress overload and I am beyond ecstatic that it’s Friday and i can dig into all the books I have pending to read and review. So here’s my TBR list for this weekend…



Book Description

Publication Date: December 14, 2012
Prepare to be… Charmed!

Daisy le Fey is good at a lot of things. Math, science, accidentally turning people into pumpkins… Unfortunately, she’s not good at the one thing hiring managers look for when filling open positions for magical beings: Magic.

When she jeopardizes her apprenticeship by getting involved with sexy mortal Trevor Masterson, it’s one disaster too many. In order to stay out of purgatory, she’s going to have to ditch the human–and her one chance at true love.

Light tamer

The Light Tamer (The Light Tamer #1)

Book Description

Publication Date: April 17, 2012
Jessie moved from New York to North Carolina over summer break. Now that Jessie and her mom are living with her grandma, she finds out the split up of her parents is more complicated than she thought. Living in a retirement community is not how she wanted the summer before her junior year to start.

Things begin to look up when she is reintroduced to Caleb, the boy that saved her life one summer at the beach. Caleb is no longer scrawny and nerdy, he is now tall, dark and handsome. The instant he shook her hand, she felt warm vibrations running through her veins. They soon learn what it means to be bound to one another. Fate is more than responsible for their meeting and their future together.

This book is appropriate for young teens and people of all ages. Remember what it was like to kiss for the first time, or what it was like to fall in love.

This paranormal romance will keep you on the edge of your seat with humor, romance, and determination. Fall head over heels for Caleb and Jessie.

If you’re reading this weekend, what’s on your nightstand? (Even the one’s on your kindle or nook) 

I’m off to engross myself in some wonderful distractions, Happy Reading!


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